Regenerative Cultural Production

Futuring’s is utilising the biennial to interrogate its practices and future; to observe, source, and examine the existing sustainable practices in cultural production. Our findings are collected in an open-source toolkit. Moreover, we offer selected perspectives on sustainability (via audio guide, AR visualisations and infographics). The findings will enable cultural institutions, designers (and individuals) to reduce the environmental impact of their work.




Sophie Thomas

Team Members

Žan Kobal
Tamara Lašič Jurković
Barbara Predan




Futuring section of 
BIO27 Exhibition at MAO

Photo: Klemen Ilovar / MAO


Toolkit – Sustainable Cultural Production: Museum

Futuring – Žan Kobal, Tamara Lašič Jurković, Barbara Predan, Sophie Thomas. Read the toolkit on Issuu: English version ↗, Slovenian version ↗.

Photo: Klemen Ilovar / MAO

Futuring, mentored by designer and sustainability expert Sophie Thomas, is undertaking an environmental audit of the Super Vernaculars biennial and is guiding the reduction of its environmental impact.

In 2015, the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement (a legally binding international treaty on climate change) were adopted. The nature of this global challenge requires a collective response across all sectors and scales. It is essential that, aside from talking about environmental impact, every organisation (and individual) analyses its own actions and commits to being environmentally responsible.

Museums play a dual and indispensable role in society. They safeguard our future generations’ engagement in cultural heritage. At the same time, they are actors themselves, places that contribute to a socially, ecologically, and culturally conscious society by incorporating the future of our life worlds.




Perspectives on Sustainability: Audio Guide

Futuring – Žan Kobal, Tamara Lašič Jurković, Barbara Predan


Public Programme – Discussion panel

The BIO27 journey: How can we make cultural production more sustainable?, May 2022



Public Programme – MAO signing AN Sustainability pledge

Photo: Urban Cerjak / MAO