KW BIO27 Typeface

Studio Kellenberger–White were commissioned to create the logo and a font for BIO27. The upper-case font is inspired by the hand-drawn lettering architect Jože Plečnik uses to label his drawings. The typeface is purposefully lightweight to reduce ink and energy use. The font can be freely downloaded from BIO27 website during the duration of the biennial.

Download the font ↗

Futuring Toolkit – Sustainable Cultural Production: Museum

Production platform team Futuring utilised the biennial to interrogate its future; to observe, source, and examine the existing sustainable practices in cultural production. One of the outcomes is this open-source toolkit, which enables cultural institutions and designers to reduce their work’s environmental impact.

Read the toolkit on Issuu: English version ↗, Slovenian version ↗
Download the toolkit as PDF: English version ↗, Slovenian version ↗

Ajda Pratika by

Referencing an old pratike, Slovene farmers’ almanac, team Robida developed a new format of recipe book where content is organised through time, following the lifecycle of buckwheat, a super vernacular plant that is an important part of Slovenian cultural, agricultural and culinary heritage.

Read the publication on Issuu ↗
Download the publication ↗